Hwappy World

These works express the sense of ownership and the house of the soul using lacquer techniques made using lacquer, a traditional material of nature.

Lacquerware is still a genre that ordinary people are unfamiliar with. When it comes to lacquer, people usually think of mother-of-pearl or lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl. However, lacquer, a unique traditional technique from the East, has been used since ancient times and is an excellent paint with a deep tradition and history. It also crosses the subtle lines of craft and painting to build its own unique genre of lacquer

The attraction of this technique comes from the use of various ingredients. Each of the ingredients, such as eggs, abalone skin, wood flour, red clay powder, flour, and gold leaf, has unique and irreplaceable properties. Each of these ingredients, even though it is a simple material, is able to find new values and meanings through the art of lacquer painting. The depth of ingredients not only means their own value, but also the result of a combination of artisan time, energy, and technology to convert abalone skin into mother-of-pearl.

Lacquerware is created by repeatedly combining the detailed force of tweezers and the continuous force of sandpaper. This process requires detail and a performative approach, and a beautiful work is created when the two elements work in harmony. Pinsets are used to deal with details, and sandpaper is used to deal with large parts. These two tools complement each other, resulting in a work of art called lacquer. This process also focuses the scattered mind and guides it to the world of meditation. It helps us to understand the complexity of our inner self and the depth of our emotions, thereby increasing our attention and concentration. This process provides us with a new perspective on the world and provides a new understanding and deep perception of our surroundings and ourselves. Beyond conceiving and drawing the image of a painting through this process, it means philosophical and aesthetic concerns about how we can reach that position through causal processes that occur during painting. This process provides deep insight into how we understand the world and how we approach our lives.

I want to use lacquer to modernize tradition and convey something to my heart.

The story of all of us is an effort to not hurt the fragile soul we keep in our hearts. It expresses the efforts to protect the vulnerability from various events in our daily lives. The house of souls is depicted as if vulnerable animals, such as squirrels and monkeys in the forest, were climbing trees to protect themselves.

It shows a world in which not only me but all of us live with our weaknesses hidden. This work symbolizes our inner troubles and conflicts, and seeks to elicit empathy by expressing social and personal problems in pictures.

The word ‘hwappy’ has a unique blend of Chinese characters and English. Hwa means fire in the Chinese character, and ppy is derived from the English word ‘happy.’ So, ‘hwappy’ is a new word that combines these two elements, symbolizing the fiery passion of the Chinese character ‘hwa’ and the happiness of the English word ‘happy.’ It reflects my upbringing in an environment exposed to various cultures of the East and the West. From the age of 14, I have created an inner world that overcome the loneliness I experienced between Cambodia, Vietnam, and Australia with the longing for my hometown.

It is connected to various external world events experienced in life and represents the diversity and complexity of the inner world. It shows each of us its own way of adapting, surviving, and growing in the world as the owners of our lives. Through visual communication, we awaken human hidden ideals, and for this purpose, I try to show the audience the world of ideals that we have forgotten for a while through painting. Through painting, I hope that they can escape from their daily lives for a while and freely swim the world in the painting. Through this, I hope that it will provide them with a new perspective and give them a new change in their thoughts.