Yoni garden

While I was traveling to different countries, I saw many products, including key chains, candles, chocolates, cushions, aprons, and so on, made out of male genitals. On the other hand, I came to understand that female genitals are very rare, and I started to do this because I thought that even this little thing was holding a big idea in our consciousness.

Femininity is a diverse and complex concept, and it has a wealth of diversity that cannot simply be defined by hair length or clothing. Increasing awareness and understanding of this diversity can bring about a good change in our society with a mindset that can accept the understanding of femininity and the resulting identity of each person as they are.

In the East, we would like to tell a progressive story about the closed subject, sex, as a traditional subject. If the subject of sex can be comfortably treated as a part of our daily lives, this will probably go a long way to reduce the beginning of problems. If we can talk about sex more often and raise our understanding of it, it will open the way to promote changes in perceptions of sex and prevent any problems caused by it.

The work starts with the anatomical elements of the female genitalia, which combines the form of the external form with the form of the internal form of the ovary. It’s a visual representation of all the experiences, abstract forms, from being born as a woman until she becomes a grandmother.

The combination of natural gloss and depth, which are the charms of lacquer painting, and mystique in natural materials, makes lacquer painting feel like a treasure to the audience.

Lacquered painting has existed for a long time in our society, and it has naturally become embedded in our perception due to its unique beauty, heritage, and traditional importance. Just as this lacquered painting is deeply rooted in our perceptions and thoughts, it started with the idea that femininity can be accepted and understood in the same way.

I believe it is impossible to fully recognize or acknowledge the purity and diversity of femininity because the concept of feminism was born out of the idea of resisting old patriarchy. Femininity is not simply the opposite concept of patriarchy, but it has pure and diverse aspects in itself. Therefore, attempting to understand femininity only from the perspective of existing feminism may distort or miss the overall aspect of femininity.

If we have to focus more on understanding and respecting the complexity and abundance of femininity, this will play an important role in changing our society’s perception of gender and preventing the problems that arise.